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Websites & Gallery Sites

On 3 can create and manage full blown websites or simple photo gallery sites.  Guests can access their images and view, download, email, and even share via social media on Facebook and Twitter.  Guests can download 4x6 resolution sized images and/or a smaller web/email/phone friendly version of their image.  Users are informed of the sites after their photo is taken and the photographers hand them a branded promotional card with instructions on how to view their images online.



Photo Gallery Microsites


Photo Gallery Microsites are basically a gallery "mini-site", usually including a welcome page with a menu of gallery options (if more than one).  On 3 custom designs the welcome page consistent with your company/event branding and look.   The gallery pages will follow along the same design cues as the welcome page.


Microsites can be hosted on our servers utilzing an extension of our URL or we can set up a unique URL and hosting specifically for your event/s.  We can customize your microsite as needed and even include information pages and other important information.

The Microsites are websites, just on a smaller scale and customized specifically for your event/s.
































Full Website Design & Production


On 3 also offers full blown wesbite design and deveolpment.  Contact us for more details regarding website deisgn...  from information sites to e-commerce sites, On 3 can provide full development and production. 

























Microsite hosting details


When On 3 creates a Photo Gallery Microsite, we can host it on our server to avoid the need for the client to purchase a new domain name or use an existing domain name.  This would also avoid the need to set up seperate hosting for the Microsite.  Of course, if desired, we can set up a unique hosting and domain name for your event and handle everything for you.  


When we create and host your Microsite, the URL will look something like the following...




Examples of URL's and Photo Gallery Microsites


click on any of the URL's below to open site in a new window



Guy Fieri appearance for Miller Lite:


Harley Davidson-Miller High Life 110th Anniversary:


Chicago Fire/Chicago PD premeire party:


Joakim Noah appearance for Vita Coco:


Stanley Cup appearance:


Miller Lite at Warrior Dash:


Alternate URL sample: Patrick Sharp Appearance:




Promo cards


Promo cards are given to guests at the event to let them know how to access their photos. They are business card sized, offset printed cards that are designed utilizing the graphics and logos associated with your event and/or company branding.  We design and handle the printing for you, so as with all of our services, we take care of everything!



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